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Welcome to Angel&Boho proud purveyors of fine fabrics, furniture and fripperies! Angel&Boho is the new home of an Angel at my Table and our sister design company Boho&Co.

Whether you are browsing around or buying large or small items remember that we are a small family-run company who really do bend over backwards to offer something different and to keep you all happy! We set great store in our personal service and hope that you agree that our customer service goes above and beyond the essential*. We continue to design
and source our product selection which we hope remains quirky, unusual and individual - we are delighted to announce that our new Boho&Co fabric collections will continue to grow, with inspiration from our growing archive of antique documents, fabrics and embroideries and that our infinitley customisable ranges of furniture will be growing too.


After many years of slogging away at various careers and stints in foreign lands - we hit on the idea of painting vintage French furniture and flogging it alongside any bits and pieces we felt fitted our burgeoning 'look'. A shop was duly opened in Saffron Walden in Essex in 1997, followed by the second shop in London in 2000 - it was all going rather swimmingly but it became clear by 2004 that we were spreading ourselves too thin - buying trips, shop displays, occasionally producing a catalogue, gallivanting around the countryside delivering fragile pieces ourselves (as some of our customers can ascertain!), and trying to find the time to design and shoot our stuff - it was all too much, especially when our beloved London shop was hit simultaneously with loss of local parking and an untenable rent increase - we decided it was time to regroup, retreat to the countryside and concentrate on a web and catalogue business. In 2014, we began to work on fabric and product designs under the brand name Boho&Co, this year it became clear that it would be simpler to merge the two companies, so here we are now in 2016, all under one roof at Angel&Boho.
Judging by the numbers of you who continue to browse around our site, there are at least a few of you out there who appreciate our eclectic tastes - we're glad our online presence has helped us to reach a wider audience and we're gradually growing our social media followings too.

*Just before Christmas last year, we had a large larder cupboard to be delivered to the northernmost tip of Scotland, unfortunately, our delivery company couldn't make a pre-Christmas delivery - sooo, we looked at the map, took a deep breath and thought - we love Scotland, so let's do it! It was an adventure - it snowed, hailed and galed, the Forth Road bridge was closed the day after we went up, we nearly got blown away carrying the cupboard into the house in a force nine gale, the dog decided this was all a game and was boucing off the walls, we got stuck in the scullery, moved cupboards, fridge freezers and all - but we drove in snowstorms through the glens, saw an amazing number of stags (we counted 16) and generally drank in the most amazing scenery from the vantage point of our van. Result: one happy customer - who invited us to stay the night, which we still regret not having done, but we were worried we would get snowed in! Task force Angels.

Updated February 2017