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Trees One wallpaper fresco

Our new small collection of exclusive wallpaper frescos are made to order to bring a unique sense of drama to a room. Whether you are a die-hard minimalist looking for that key feature or a dedicated maximalist needing a dramatic backdrop to showcase your extravagances - enjoy our striking designs.

Trees One is available as wallpaper panels on washable heavy matt vinyl paper, ready to paste to flat, prepared walls.

The example fresco, showing the full extent of the image in our inset picture, is made up of three panels of 1m wide each and 2.35m high (7sq m), we can adjust the dimensions to order, but please bear in mind that if your wall is of vastly different proportions (ie proportionally squarer or  wider) the image will have to be cropped to fit - we will send you a pdf of the final crop for approval before production.

NB This product is supplied in a 'decorators cut' format with approximately 1 cm overlap on each panel to ensure patterns meet. We recommend that you use a professional decorator to hang this product and use a ready-mixed adhesive such as Beeline Vinyl Wallcovering Adhesive.

Weight of paper approximately 295gsm

Cleaning notes:
Fill a bucket with warm water and mix in two or three drops of mild liquid soap. Fill another with pure water. With a sponge dampened in soapy water, dampen a small horizontal section of the wall from the floor up. Rinse the sponge and wipe down the dampened section to remove surface dirt. Pat the wallpaper dry with a lint-free microfiber cloth or soft towel. Rubbing can damage the wallcovering's finish, causing unwanted shine.

£85 per sq m
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